Hi, welcome to Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. so excited you’re here.

I, Alonzo Shaw founder of Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. LLC (A.A.C.C.) became Incorporated October of 2015. Created simply to bring “Opportunity”, and “Leadership” throughout communities within the world.

Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. prominent to proceed with its slogan “A Lifestyle Of Culture”. With dedication to provide elite an exquisite brand clothing, sports apparel, sneakers and fashion accessories. Our focus consist of constructing honesty, leadership, and trustworthiness, within a team which will provide superior customer service 100% satisfaction. Capture fashion plus deliver opportunity to open new markets in communities to create urban unity.

Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. LLC, An accredited business of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Hampton Roads, Inc. (BBB) Organization known for ethical business practices and integrity. Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. accreditation reminds consumers that we demand and provide a marketplace where Trust and Ethics exist. 

Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. LLC thrives on supporting our youth in global efforts. A portion of each purchase will be donated to public charity: "Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. Youth Foundation Incorporated" 

Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. Youth Foundation Incorporated recognized and determined from the Internal Revenue Service an active 501(c)(3) public charity organization.

Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. Youth Foundation Incorporated, a sports club sub-division to the Amateur Athletic Union better known as "AAU".

Funds will be distributed to organization for various purposes: Organizational Start-Up, Marketing & Promotions, Charitable Events (Giveaways) , Team Uniforms, Travel Expenses, and much more!

 Authentic Apparel Clothing Co. Youth Foundation Incorporated also has a "Scholarship Fund". With open arms to any United States citizen. Designated for tuition, fees, campus room and board, books and other institutional charges as defined by the financial aid administrator of the student’s school of choice. 

For any questions and concerns please visit our "Contact Us" page, a representative will gladly have an answer for your reasoning.

Thank You, for your time and patience now and future endeavors with Authentic Apparel Clothing Co.           


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